Fashion Consultancy

Take your brand Global with CAM Fashion Consultancy.


Business Plan Development

Every serious entrepreneur needs a well thought out business plan. In the fashion sector this is even more critical.


Sales Strategy

Do you have a viable go-to-market strategy? If not, we'll work together to make sure you keep on track and make the sale.




Sourcing and Costing your product line can mark the difference between profit and loss. Don't leave it to chance.




Building brand is all about giving what you have promised but before that they need to believe that you can deliver your promise

Competitive Analysis

Where does your product/idea fit into the market? Making sure your well positioned is of vital importance.




A significant proportion of your sales should come from your website. Make sure you're using the correct systems




The Indian fashion business works in a very specific manner. I make sure your pricing and margins are correctly adapted.


White Labeling Solution.

Cam can provide fulfillment Service from its manufacturing Capacities.



Do you have a realistic estimate of what it's going to take? My proven experience can save you literally thousands of dollars.




We have a in-house Team to assure that your new website is correctly designed and implemented at a reasonable cost. 




Many sales channels will not accept new products that don't conform to their product line standards. I make sure yours do.


Custom merchandise

You Think We Make 



To be successful your business needs an effective plan for attracting new customers. Nothing is more important.


Find Sales Representative

I have extensive experience building successful sales teams. This alone could be the deciding factor of your success. 


Operation Guidance

Often having an experienced ally can save hours of headache. I make sure your operations run smoothly.


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